Google I/O. The New State of the Union Address

I am not a developer, nor a coder, hacker, techno-geek, nor am I a Network Administrator, engineer, technician, or anything at all in design, advertising, social media, visual media, journalism, etc, etc, etc.

Nope!! I am a late middle aged, (approaching Senior Citizenship in half a decade!) Cuddly (slightly fat) borderline obese (due to height/weight ratio) mentally damaged (Severe Borderline Personality Disorder) largely self educated, (having failed the formal education process) somewhat grumpy, gay, unemployed Irishman transitioning from the 20th to the 21st Century, because I have to!!

Now, all of the above is important, and to some, useful personal data, to be mined and parsed into services and products aimed at people like me.

But the most important thing I am is a user, of tech, and the services it provides.

So! What does all this have to do with Google I/O? I hear you ask?

Quite a lot actually, Google I/O is that time of year when Google reviews past achievements and announces future goals and plans, and a lot hangs on it. Every one watches the Keynote Speech, be it Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD, Canonical, Sony, Samsung, et al. And a certain degree, left or right, it has an impact on the future plans of the companies mentioned, and many others I have failed to mention, on hardware development, software development, expectations of attendees, and the wider audience of vendors, service providers and users.

I for one do not pretend to understand even a third of what is talked about, revealed or speculated upon at Google I/O. But I do see that it is hugely important in a way that Apple events,(product launches, etc), Microsoft Product Announcements or Developers Conference, and (dare I say it?) even E3!, cannot match!!

I get the feeling that Google I/O has, whether deservedly or not, acquired an aura that even the Presidential State of The Union Address cannot match!

And thus the title of this missive!

Yours Respectfully, R

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