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Not when he fired the Director, but might have done when he requested the Director to drop the investigation into Gen Lynch’s links to Russia!!

Whatever the cause, when the FBI begin investing a matter, that matter becomes sub judice, (is that the term?) and therefore not open to manipulation from outside sources. If over the course of an investigation matters arise that indicate or prove there are ‘questions to answer' then it’s handed over to prosecutor! If on the other hand there is nothing to see, then the matter can be wrapped up and closed, with no stain to anyone involved. But when someone asks you to drop the matter before even a rough conclusion can be drawn as to the eventual outcome, and that person just happens to be what amounts to the First Lawman of the country, well, that’s serious shit right there!! Because the President aught to know better!!

Gonna watch this development with great interest, could be that a record will be set, the first President of the United States to be impeached within the first quarter of his first term in office!! That would definitely secure his place in history!!

Shame really, while I am no fan of the Donald, (never have been) nor a Clinton Lover, as a non-American, I have always wanted a person in Office who could 'personify' the best of what it is to be an American!

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