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‘What is Solu’ — a poem by Dr JD Agapito

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Our founder Matt, with Dr Custer Deocaris and Dr JD Agapito

What is Solu?

“Today our guest is the founder of this very relevant problem solver. When it comes to waste on Earth perhaps his name will ring a bell.

Mr Matthew Barrie is the name. A British who thought up solutions for waste. By having solutions to win the game against waste generated by the populace.

We will ask about the mechanics, see how can people could join and earn. What will be the economic gain and other benefits to the environment?

Solu provides the platform wherein there will be efficiency in the collection regarding waste like plastics, bottles, food waste and so on. Eventually solving our problems of waste in this generation

It works by making people part of the solution, rather than as contributing to pollution.

You earn money from efficient separation of waste materials that is the problem of the nation.

So send an email to, so you can see what it can offer really. The site is fun and interesting to many, and most of all it spells eco-friendly.

Thank you very much — happiness.”

This was a part of a radio show, Pinoy Scientist, broadcast on Radyo Agila, 5–6pm every Sunday. You can check out the full episode here

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