CRODO: It’s benefits over other IDO’s. A MUST KNOW!!

👉 is another IDO stage for put resources into Cronos ( projects. In the wake of breaking down crafted by other IDO destinations, we tracked down the accompanying issues and presented arrangements:
Absence of suggestions to members about the beginning, endorsement in the whitelist, the beginning of the symbolic reclamation stage, and so on. Along these lines, members here and there neglected to enter the site on time and lost the opportunity to purchase a token at a deal cost.

📌For this, a visit bot was created in Wire, which will caution you ahead of time about a significant activity.
Gradually running site servers that don’t adapt well to a sharp expansion in rush hour gridlock, which prompts issues getting to the IDO site brilliantly.
This issue is settled by utilizing CDN and DDOS security through and facilitating servers in Kubernetes on progressively made virtual servers in

📌Marking framework without extra inspiration to keep tokens locked. This makes the cost channel at a negative market period.
Titles have been presented for holding tokens, which are reset on the off chance that tokens are removed from the site.

📌Absence of helpful representative projects
A diplomat program was made with the capacity to send assignments, screen their status, view the equilibrium of focuses procured, tokens of new undertakings, a cutthroat framework, a subsidiary program.
Members don’t grasp activities and purchase everything in succession
Project reconciliation choices have been created to connect with the crowd for genuine use.

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