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Americans are more dissatisfied than ever. Despite a recovering job market, and a booming housing market we still hate our lives more than ever. Which is ridiculous.

In an online poll of 2,345 U.S. adults, just 33 percent of Americans said that they were very happy (Harris Poll). It is easier to be complacent and stuck than take action and get uncomfortable

We get addicted to the drama of feeling stuck. If Stephen Hawking (who faces death everyday) can achieve sciences’ highest honor bedridden, paralyzed, and unable to speak so can you.

What’s interesting about being a grown up is that nobody tells you that your full-time career (on top of your career) is to parent yourself. You have to sometimes do stuff you do not want to do so you can be truly successful in your career and family life.

6 Ways to Stop Fudging Your Life

1. Shut the fudge up and decide once and for all (by forcing yourself) to make it happen

Stop hanging out with people who do not champion YOU! And stop wasting time circling the blah-blah small-talk band wagon (with new friends or colleagues that seem interested) during your day at work unless it serves a purpose (like someone you love , a close friend, or a business opportunity)

Save it for the weekend. You may offend some people at first but they will get over it.

2. Realize you are never going to feel like it despite yoursel

The first decision in the morning (for many of us) is too hit the snooze button. I know your bed is comfortable and warm. And if you are one of the few truly lucky ones to wake up next to someone you love it is even harder to get up. Get up at 6 am anyways. Keep water by your bed at all times and hydrate yourself until you wake-up.

3. Break your Routine. Change it up. Get up and out of your comfort zone

Science tells us that if you do not Force yourself out of your comfort zone you will never make it happen. Bottom line. Anything that you do out of your normal routine freaks out your monkey mind. Anything that is a break to your routine is going to freak your brain out. When you get out of your comfort zone the real entrepreneurial magic happens. It is how Walt Disney created Disney Land. Richard Branson did not create an empire by staying in a stale routine.

4. Get Out of your Head. And get over yourself. Your feelings are fudging you over

If it was possible to place a microphone and broadcast your self talk (for all to hear) I am willing to bet that half us would be in Bellevue or a white padded room at Shady Acres. If you listen to how you feel when it comes to what you want you will not get it. 99.9% of anxiety, doubt, insecurity, etc is all noise and has no rational basis. It is all nonsense

So get out of your own mishuguhness!

5. F$#k Faceplace (FB), Social Media (I know I am going to get flack for this)

I read somewhere that we check FB on average over 100x a day. I call that addiction. And we all are guilty of it. I challenge you to spend 10 minutes a day on Face Place (I will not call it by it’s true name) or LinkedIn. Unless you are paid to be on FB or other social media there is no logical reason to spend more than 10 minutes on social media. If you write content than schedule it using the many free tools available like Buffer, etc.

6. The issue is not your ideas. The problem is that you do not act on them

I challenge you to a simple self test. Whenever you have an idea start counting to yourself. I guarantee you that if you do not write it down you will forget it within 10 seconds.

Stop reading this now and create your own success story!

-Coach Sam

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