Build Retaining Walls for Soil Erosion Control

Soil erosion can be prevented in four ways, one is by planting vegetation, the second is geotextiles, the third is retaining walls and the fourth is mulch. There are many reasons why erosion takes place and depending on the place and the type of erosion taking place steps can be taken to prevent it.

Erosion hasbecome oneof the biggest concerns of the construction industry. The natural way to prevent soil erosion is to plant vegetation. Plants develop roots which help in stabilizing soil and preventing erosion. Applying a layer of mulch also helps soil to slowly absorb water and protect against the impact of rain.

How Retaining Walls can take Care of Soil Erosion?

Building retaining walls around areas where there is run off water and soil helps in controlling soil erosion. Very often geotextile rolls which are made of coconut fibre which is non-woven are also used to stop soil erosion. They are rolled over banks of rivers on newly graded slopes and then vegetation is grown on the slopes which takes root and prevents soil erosion.

Geotextile is biodegradable material and not harmful to the environment. The roots of the vegetation interlock with the fibres of the geotextile and prevent erosion. This is ideal in small streams where the level of water is consistent. It cannot be used in large channel where a lot of sediment is washed down, as the sediment will be deposited in the geotextile and the vegetation will be destroyed.

Ways in which Brush and Gabion Mattress can be used for Soil Stabilization

Brush mattress consists of branches of trees which are fixed in the ground using stakes. This is perfect for stopping the sediment in the rain but there are also problems when a lot of sediment can wash away the brush. It can be installed in small streams very fast, is biodegradable and does not require any maintenance.

Gabion mattress is used in places where the bank of the river has a lot of rocks, to stabilize the soil. In such places high level of soil erosion is expected to take place and the rocks resist it. The product is not aesthetic and there is likelihood of damage to the mesh. It can be filled with concrete rubble or rocks depending on the width of the mattress to take care of damage.

Soil Stabilization and Its Benefits

Alteration of soil to enhance its properties is known as soil stabilization. It can help to improve the quality of the soil and its swell-shrink properties to make it strong to bear load. This is done in foundations, pavements, roadways, parking lots, projects for site development, airports and many other building areas.

Stabilization can be used in areas where there is sub grade material such as clay and granules. In such cases additives suchas Portland cement, fly ash and lime is used. Other materials used in stabilization include dust from cement-kiln and dust from lime-kiln. Soil stabilization helps to improve roadways and prevent them from being eroded by run-off storm water. It also helps rivers and bays from getting clogged by a lot of silt.

So, control soil erosion to have good roadways, waterways, soil and ultimately a better environment.

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