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Dirt Glue

Dirt glue has become one of the well known products in the current times. It has the industrial product which has proven strength and also has proven success. The dirtglue industrial products has been started and formulated with the purpose of creating the hard and stabilized surface of the paths, tertiary gravel roads, parking lots, etc. it is the polymeremulsion which is quite wonderful and it has the hightech bonding which is engineered with the bonding of the soil particles and for the road building.

Non hazardous

It is the non hazardous and water soluble product which has no harmfulchemicalandalso they do not affect any aquatic life, animalsand the humans. It is thepolymer which is mechanically mixed with the road surface and it binds with the soil and form the tough and durablematrix for protection similar to asphalt. It forms the three dimensional matrix which protects a lot. The matrixwhich is formed is very much durable and also robust. It enables the creating of the driving surfaces which are for thevehiculartravelling including the soil cart paths, parking lots, roads and the driveways.

There are some other dust control products also available in the market and they use the vinyl components. The dirtglue polymer is the one which uses the proprietary polymer additive and also the mix which offers a good amount of UV stability and also offer the higher level of hydrophobic. It ensures that the dirtgluepolymerkeeps on working after the other productalso fail. These products are very much popular and they also offer a good amount of durability and features. The next version of thesameproduct is the dirtglue dry polymer and it is the powdered polymer. It is the powerful and hightech polymer. It is specially designed and engineered by mixing it with the sand.


The mixture of thepolymer with the sand makes sure that it eliminates the erosion and the washouts and also the erosion between the bricks, pavers, patio blocks and they also remove the flagstonesbetween the walkways, patios, driveways, etc. the strength is added to this polymer type and it help sin keeping the pavers in the place and also helps in preventing the weeds and all other types of vegetation. It helps from growing in the joints ad also helps in eliminating the insects like the ants.

The powdered form is the dirtgluedry is mixed with thedry sand and then it is spread in the application area and swept in theants. It is the also watered down. Once you wet tem with the dries, it dries in the form of the stable and a firm jointand also the flexible joint which can resists the erosion easily. It is optional for thecool and the damp weather. It can be easily combined with the properly powdered and mixture and it driesandcure more quickly. Moreover, there is also the increaseslevel of stability of the materialand it also enhances the hydrophobic nature.

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