A bit of my story and Global Overview of a traveler. “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet” -Bob Marley.

Gold Coast Yatch Club- Australia. ‘Start believing’

Since I left my city Quito- Ecuador crazy about a dream, I’ve been living unbelievable experiences, enjoying stunning views and although I was traveling by myself, I always ended up surrounded by amazing people. As no matter how challenging might be leaving your comfort zone, because you magically start building everything from scratch.

My 2014 begun at a four days music/arts festival in Byron Bay- Australia. My partner Rober and I, were in charged of a dream catcher stand which, belonged to our Peruvian friend Jose. Our eyes were fascinated, because the environment sent you back to the 60’s, as not only flower crowns, vintage and hippie looks were the fashion trend, but also every crazy costume you could imagine.

The 2nd of January, we returned to our Australian hometown Gold Coast, filled up with positive vibes for the New Year. However, we never imagined that in February, Rober would have to go back to his country Argentina, as his dad got very sick.

In regards to me, it was already 3 years that I’d lived in Australia. For the last year and a half, I worked as Night Auditor in a hotel and also kept studying and surfing intensively. However, South America was calling me again, thus I decided to depart Australia end of March, with destination to Indonesia and then back home.

Before leaving Oz, my last surf trip was with my Chilean friend Macarena, to North Stradbroke Island. What I never imagined, was that while waiting for my wave, a shark would be sharing my spot, and the only reason why he didn’t attack me, was because I was pregnant. In fact, the two heart beeps disoriented him. — I wasn’t aware I was carrying a baby, not until after that trip and for me it was like… “Wow! A new stage in my life”.

Nevertheless, I continued my journey as planned, the only change on the itinerary was that after Quito, I would go to Argentina to meet Rober again.

It’s a great change to form a family, and now that I’m living it, is such a beautiful experience as a baby is a gift from heaven. Also it’s an intense process of learning but precisely that’s what life is about: learning, traveling, enjoying, giving a smile, living intensively but above all, it is ABOUT trying to be happy.

For some, happiness is an idealistic term, and the truth is that I disagree with that because, everything depends on YOUR attitude towards life, no matter how hard it might be.

We already know that money/power doesn’t bring happiness. This was demonstrated by Buda, when he abandoned all of his wealth and went travelling, in search of how filling up his internal emptiness. What he found out, was the importance of vividly living here and now.

The past is already gone, the future is uncertain, and if you look deeply, life is so brief, so unforeseeable, but at the same time it is so miraculous…just that sometimes we are so busy, that we forget to contemplate the stars that shine above us.

In fact, I’ve witnessed how people are consumed by routine, and my question is… If you feel you are unhappy why not change the direction of you life? … Fear? … “Courage is not the absence of fear. It is rather the total presence of fear, with the courage to face it” (Osho- Courage: The joy of Living dangerously).

The reason why I’m sharing a bit of my story and philosophy, is because I think that humanity needs a change of thinking in order to evolve.

We need more entrepreneurs that build up their dreams besides, we are the new generation of parents and it’s our duty to rip up with so many stupid society stereotype.

Because man, is the only animal that kills for pleasure. That keeps mutilating each other due to religion, as it is actually happening in Syria–link 1-.

There are people so miserable, as these families which own all the money of the world–link 2 & link 3- and nevertheless there is people who still die of starvation.

It is not supposed that the basis of every religion is love? Isn’t this, what their prophets- Jesus, Buda, Mahoma, Krishna (…) had taught? Even so, religions keep dividing the world, what a contradiction hey? And it’s a shame because:


So, where are we going? … And what about global warming? As I left my city to live next to the ocean, I see how high tides are creeping further and further ashore, how the sun roasts your skin, but above all, how the ocean contamination is rising.

Do you remember Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, which was super affected with the Tsunami in Japan? The nuclear RADIOACTIVE spill, is already on the Pacific Ocean…-link 4-.

So, if we keep destroying our planet and “lungs of the world” for extracting oil or polluting our beautiful oceans,- What world will be left for our future generations??

1. Amazon Rain Forest 2. Yasuni- Ecuador 3. Great Barrier Reef-Australia 4. Indonesia
Maldives Islands. A natural paradise turned into an island of trash.

When you travel, you analyse the wide variety of realities, and makes you compare… If Latin America is such a rich continent, why is there so much: Injustice, poverty, insecurity, and we keep invaded with issues that stop development such as:

“ Dirty economy, drug trafficking, fraud and corruption are contemporary adversities, generated because we wrongly believe we are happier, if we enrich ourselves no matter what.” (Pepe Mujica- Uruguay President).

In my opinion, I consider this president a great thinker. Maybe we need more leaders like Pepe, that don’t let themselves get blinded by power and ambition.

One of the things I noticed in Australia, is how a good system management changes everything. As its residents have access to labour, health, education, safety, and moreover no matter what job you’ve got, you can live well and even can afford to go on holidays.

Also, it’s one of those places that you can peacefully walk at any time because it’s safe! In addition, you notice that the taxes you pay are reinvested in your country. Therefore my question is, why in Latin America can’t happen the same? … Social manipulation also influence on the mentality of people!

Sadly, global problems are out of our reach but luckily, what is within our reach is to be the writers of our life story.

It depends only on us to meditate if we are happy and satisfied with our reality. If you are, good on you! And if you are not, why not do something about it? Because while you are still alive is never too late…

So, what are you waiting for? 2015 it’s almost here!



“ Development can’t be against happiness. It has to be in favour of human happiness and if you don’t have it inside and with less material stuff you won’t have it with anything” ( Pepe Mujica).

“ Education doesn’t change the world, change the people that are going to change the world” (Paulo Freire).

“ The possibility to make a dream come true is what makes life interesting” (Paulo Coelho).

“ The only crazy people that will be able to change the world will be those crazy humans that believe they can do it” (Diego Vega and Einstein).

POWER PYRAMID http://hopegirl2012.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/power-pyramid.jpg ‘ ONLY LOVE WILL SAVE THE WORLD’-Clari’s art.
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