Chapter 5 Assignment

Voice: This website has a professional voice. it is an effective voice. It’s effective because when people are looking for a news source they want a direct, factual, authoritative, voice and that is what the NY Times website’s professional voice offers.

Tone: This website has an appropriate tone. The headlines are short and contain strong and simple words that easily the show content of the articles. The articles themselves are written well, and while they are longer than what most people are use to reading everyday, it is still an appropriate amount of writing for the purpose of the website.

Elements and Features: The fact that the website resembles a newspaper, enhances the the site. Also, the simple visual display and organization of the website is beneficial in the promotion of the website.

Graphics and Visuals: There are more words on the site than visuals and graphics. However, there are photographs attached to major stories, and smaller photos attached to different sections of the “paper.” While the words are the most important aspect of a journalistic/news site, I think that people could be overwhelmed or intimidated by the amount of words on the site and not spend a lot of time on the site. So, if there were more visuals than possibly people would spend more time on the site.

Navigation: The navigation of this site was obviously well thought out. As mentioned above, the site first resembles a typical newspaper and the target audience of this site would have had experience with a newspaper and therefore are more familiar with how to navigate this site. In addition, this site is very simple, which aids to the easy navigation of the site.

Consistency: The NY Times site is very consistent in theme, visuals, and navigation throughout the entire site. Also, the tone and rhythm of the site is consistent as well.

Audience: All of these aspects of the NY Times site matches their target audience. It resembles something that their audience is familiar to. It is simple, which makes it easy for their audience to use. It is consistent which also helps their audience. Their tone and language is also appealing to their audience.

Categorial Checklist:

Navigation → Easy

Page Layout → Unified, but could be a little more balanced (add more visuals)

Consistency → Very consistent

Tone and Voice → Consistent and audience appropriate

Writing Quality → High level writing and appealing to audience

Site Organization → Well organized

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