Hey, Giorgo.
Alec Lazarescu

Assistants, Metabots, Chatbots, …

ciao Alec,

Yes, I agree with your points, especially I with your final statement (your Quora Q/A):

Do you need AI to be an “intelligent” virtual assistant? No. As before the AI craze very useful things can be done with plain old analysis and algorithms and many of those have been rebranded as AI.

I’ll never end to remark this possible hypocrisy of pseudo-artificial intelligence engines, often proposed here an there.

Great chatbot applications, now in 2017, are result of creative conversational design of exiting user experiences (made by human authors). 
I close parenthesis :)

Back to your article on Quora, I do not see a profound dichotomy between chatbots and assistants.

For me:

chatbot means a vast a category of software communicating with humans with an “agreed” talkative, spoken, natural language.

Broad definition, I admit. So, there is a thin boundary between a chatbot (as a vertical conversational application of some sort) and an assistant.

Maybe a possible (architectural & business) diversification is between (centralized) chatbot-hubs, inter-mediation frameworks (someone call these metabots); I’m referring to Amazon Alexa, Google Actions, Slack maybe, and new incoming players (see brand new LINE Clova devices);

In all these cases, metabots act as a user all-in-one front-end assistants that dispatch requests, redirecting user to third party chatbots services/applications. Finally, in this possible incoming scenario, the chatbot, in my (tech/business) view, is any specific final application.

I don’t know if I added something useful here.