Dialogs modeled as finite state machines ?

Giorgio Robino
Jul 14, 2016 · 7 min read

((dialogs)) — an abandoned experiment

online shopping order submission macro dialog example: conversation contains three subdialogs

Abot — a promising open source bot framework

Abot makes it easy and fun to build your own digital assistant, and we include everything you need to get started.

Why I don’t like FSM approach

func kwGetRating(in *dt.Msg) string {
biz, err := getBusiness(in)
if err != nil {
return ""
f := fmt.Sprintf("%.1f", biz.Rating)
return "They have a " + f + " star rating on Yelp."

class List < Dialog    def self.initialize_data
# state: start
def start(text)
go :add, add_o
# state: add
def add(item)
case item
when yes_i
go :add, add_more_o
when no_i || exit_i
if data.empty?
reply aborted_o
return back :finish
# list items
go :confirm, confirm_o
when help_i

when list_i
go :add, add_more_o
# NLP understanding
interpret item
# add line to data text
data.push item
# back to the same state
go :add, add_more_o
# file: list_lang_it.rb
module Dialogs
class List < Dialog

# input methods

def yes_i

def del_i

# output methods

def confirm_o
"confermi lista ?"

def confirmed_o
"lista confermata!"

def del_o(max_num)
"quale item vuoi cancellare (1-#{max_num}) ?",
"cosa vuoi togliere (1-#{max_num}) ?"
// Package hello responds to "Say something" with "Hello World".
package hello

import (


var p *dt.Plugin

func init() {
// Create the plugin, setting it up to communicate with Abot through
// the functions we specified.
var err error
p, err = plugin.New("github.com/itsabot/plugin_hello")
if err != nil {
log.Fatalln("failed to build plugin.", err)

// When Abot receives a message, it'll route the message to the correct
// package. Doing that requires a trigger, which tells Abot to send the
// response to this package when Commands include "say" and Objects
// include "something", "hello", etc. Case should always be lowercase,
// and the words will be stemmed automatically, so there's no need to
// include variations like "cat" and "cats". plugin.AppendTrigger is
// optional if you set KeywordHandlers (as described in the Building a
// Plugin guide), but since we only have a state machine, we'll add
// these words as triggers.
plugin.AppendTrigger(p, &nlp.StructuredInput{
Commands: []string{"say"},
Objects: []string{"something", "hello", "hi"},

// Abot includes a state machine designed to have conversations. This
// is the simplest possible example, but we'll cover more advanced
// cases with branching conversations, conditional next states, memory,
// jumps and more in other guides.
// For more information on state machines in general, see:
// https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finite-state_machine
plugin.SetStates(p, [][]dt.State{[]dt.State{
OnEntry: func(in *dt.Msg) string {
return "Hello world!"
OnInput: func(in *dt.Msg) {
Complete: func(in *dt.Msg) (bool, string) {
return true, ""

Decoupling dialogs scripts from logics behind!

21 October 2016 update

23 February 2017 update

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Giorgio Robino

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Engineer and Researcher in Conversational AI. I work at ITD-CNR. My articles: www.convcomp.it Microblog: twitter.com/solyarisoftware

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