SuperScript Release Notes — v1
Rob Ellis

Hi Rob!

Yet another great work! Two questions:

1. Superscript Integrations

In superscript website homepage I read:

SuperScript was designed to be extensible and work with other AI frameworks like IMB Watson,, or

What do you mean exactly ? I’m asking because on the superscript github page I didn’t find any reference about possible integrations with above mentioned frameworks.

2. What about a scripting language open-standard?

Superscript seems to me a subset / simplification of Chatscript (btw I’m helping a bit for the github wiki). 
Simplification is in facts important; a chatbot scripting language would be as much as possible “high-level”, to be used easily by authors, not-programmers:

writers, screen-writers, interactive-fiction designers, psychologists, novelists, storytellers.

So I’m a huge supporter of a possible common (=unified) chatbot scripting language, to be defined possibly as an open standard (I wrote some preliminary thoughts here).

Implementation a part, what do you think about the need of this open standard ? I’d like to collect feedbacks by people like you, Bruce Wilcox, Noah Petherbridge and anyone interested (contact: 
The intent make sense? Any suggestion welcome!