Yes, while I do agree that chatbots can be successful without much NLP capability, the focus of my…
James Schaefer

Yes, thanks for your note. I foresee some different paths:

  • chatbots with advanced natural language understanding, and this is the way for incoming voice-interface smart devices (I mean: Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.), and of course along with advanced NLP, there are incoming “cognitive” capabilities, machine-learning enabled.
  • chatbots with poor NLP, solving simple but pervasive applications; examples: ecommerce/payments/booking/etc. in these cases, I believe is not necessary to have great NLP, neither fantastic AI behind... so I agree with Ted Livingston’s Kik #NoAI way. I’m investigating by example slangs/emojii/#NoNLP parlances…
  • There is a third way, just regarding IoT: In my view, simple hw devices will talk with us with poor/simple command/response langauge… again, #NoNLP! :-)

my two cents

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