Doing it for Humanity

Abdul sattar edhi was a humanitarian who worked all his life for the betterment of the underprevilidged people. If this article was about his works, any word limit would have been short. People admired him and his works, but since he passed (May Allah bless his soul), Edhi foundation has been recieving less funds. So in order to contribute our part and also to raise awareness in the community about the issue, the team assembled and brainstormed the hell out of the issues. A lot of suggestions were crossed out, a couple of chayes later we had come up with best solutions possible.

  1. Reach out to our respective social circles, (fb class groups, watsapp groups etc) close acquaintances etc.
  2. Make a poster with all the details and a general message so that public becomes aware of the problems and collect funds.

The challenges we faced:

So as we made our plans into actions and then we got to know how many challenges people like edhi saab had to face all their lives and honestly it was at this time, at this instance when people weren’t donating to such a generous cause that we realized what we as a nation had lost, and what edhi sahab had endured all his life.

The main objections or hurdles that we commonly faced were:-

Why should we give our donations to edhi foundation when we are already giving to some other XYZ foundation?

To this all we had to say was that it was good that you were giving to some other organisation, it is great, but you shouldn’t just stop at one foundation and organization. We gave different examples from the Muslim Caliphates to prove our point.

The next thing that they pointed out that why if we want to give to edhi foundation, so we give our money to you?

The last thing some of the people picked was that why are you asking for donations when you should be the ones giving them?

These were some of the top challenging questions that we faced while asking for donations in our universities. All in all it was a great experience for, we learned lessons about humility, convincing on top of true happiness. We plan to do another round of collections after our semesters end, hopefully we’ll do better next time. We would like to do it again for edhi saab, for edhi foundation, for the underprevileged and for humanity.

Group Members

Somaan Alam, Faiza Mansoor, Muhammad Rao Zeeshan, Zainab Saleem