Realizing Happiness

Anyone who says that they never had any negitive, depressive thoughts are clearly not being honest. A human being develops and goes through a lot of different experiences in life, some are good; some are bad.

Some times we feel depressed and emotional over petty issues that when we think over them later in realize, we realize our foolishness.

I was really depressed and emotional when a person who had made wishes and promises to me left me. It made me heartbroken, but time heales everything. It applies that people come and go in your life all the time, some stay longer, some stay a little and we should not be bothered by it. It is natural process.

A second time, I can remember is when after two years of studying Further Mathematics in A-Levels, I had not cleared a single exam (Not a quiz, neither a mid term nor a final in two WHOLE years). I was about to appear in the CIE’s and my proffessor had made a prophecy that if this guy would pass this exam I would give everybody a treat at any place in Lahore. I took that as a challenge and it was thing that triggered me and I passed my A-Levels Further Mathematics exam with a ‘C’. Nobody could believe it.

The things that I picked and applied in my everyday life from Shawn’s talk were meditation and cardio excercise for 15 minutes everyday.

Meditation would give me a feeling of an ecstasy, and made me feel out of this world. I felt fully relaxed and my mind instantly became clearer and I, naturally took the task at hand more positively.

Excerise was a really great activity as it charged up my body and blood flow and made me feel like I could take over the world. It also made the task at hand seem like a piece of cake and I took it more clearly and positively. These both activities also helped me clear my thought process.

This experience really opened up my eyes and made me realize that happiness gave results, it wasn’t the other way around. Results gave rewards, not happiness. This is an important life long lesson that I won’t forget.