96 days of failure

Na, na not the last 3 months, they’ve been good to me. The next 3 month, specifically the next 96 days I am going to set myself up for failure. Yes, you heard right!

Why 96?

I met an astrologer who told me I needed to do 96 days of pooja (pray to the universe) for the universe to shower me with blessing. He’s very well respected, would do it for a fee. I passed.

Why failure?

You’ve got to see this, you must and you’ll know why — TED talk by Jia Jiang: What I learnt from 100 days of rejection. I loved it, bloody brilliant!

So I’ve started my 96 days of pooja this Mon, 12th Dec 2016, set myself up for failure, face rejection for 96 days.

Mon, 12th Dec: Got this message ‘Congrats! Your application has been accepted into the 4th Women Startup Challenge focused on VR, AR, and AI.’ Yep, submitted the proposal, not a chance in hell we’ll be shortlisted. But it was fun and energizing to work towards the deadline and submit.

Tue, 13th Dec: I didn’t try do anything, and maybe that is failure.

Wed, 14th Dec: Wrote to someone (a big name) I greatly admire and asked her if we could meet and chat, like she’s gonna say yes.

Thur, 15th Dec: Wrote this article, writing and publishing is tuff, well at least for me, it’s opening myself to be judged. And one more, as the day goes by, will make up for Tue.

Got 96 days of failure ahead, maybe face some fears and maybe learn a little bit — should be fun! :-)

That’s all for now, namaste.

day one
and then one day…