4 Myths About Wooden Tiles Debunked

Wood-look tiles add a rustic charm to your house without giving you maintenance jitters. They give real wood floors a run for their money as they look great and perform way better.

If you are conflicted about what to choose, here we break down few common myths about wood-like tile.

Myth #1: Grout Joints Make Them Look Fake

Spaces between tiles are called grout joints. They exist to accommodate slight sizing differences between tiles while laying them out on the floor. For wood-like tiles, these narrow grout joints are barely noticeable — 3/16” — and don’t draw much attention. Also, with the right colors and proper installation, the grout joints blend seamlessly with these wooden ceramic tiles.

Myth #2: They Don’t Appear Wood-like

Tiles have been rapidly evolving- every product better than the last. Technological advancements, digital imaging and high-tech manufacturing produce realistic textures and visuals. These factors make wood-look tiles appear so real, you’d require an up-close look before you realize it isn’t hardwood!

Myth #3: Long Wood-Grain Tile Planks Warp

Any tile over 15 inches is prone to warping. However, with correct installation one can curb this problem. Plank tile is available in sizes ranging from 24–42 inches long and 6–8 inches wide. They should be put together in such a way that a brick-joint pattern is formed with no more than a 33% overlap. A well-prepared subfloor and skilled installation can also help. For best results go for a certified tile installer.

Myth #4: They are not environment-friendly

For the eco-savvy, they are a clear winner for sustainable flooring. These ceramic or porcelain planks are made of recycled materials like glass, sand and clay. Built to last for generations, they contain zero volatile organic materials that can be harmful to health. On the other hand, the downside of even high-quality hardwood from well-managed forests has a downside- the chopping down of trees. If you want a wooden charm at home, there’s no better way than choosing wood-like floor tile designs.

Myth #5: They are slippery

Majority of wood-like tiles are designed to look and feel real, hence they go through layers of polishing and textures. Of course, if you spill water on tiles they are prone to slips. But, a variety of tiles offer a certain amount of resistance to water, which safeguards your chances of slipping. Also, if you have children in the house, there are plenty anti-slip solutions available that can provide a better grip.