How to Start Writing on Medium?

A very simple Answer!!!

Just write!

Just write, like I have started typing now.

I am trying that if I continue to write and not stop myself, how much and how relevant I am able to write.

So, what are the challenges in writing?

Let’s write down those first of all…

  1. Who am I, to write something on such a platform?

(a cross question! who I am not to write something? Am I not someone, who knows bit more than lots of other people — in some area of life, due to some of my unique experiences, due to my life circumstances….etc. etc. so the answer is.

I don’t need any permission from anyone to write on something I know about, I care about or I want to share with the world. Even if I am able to provide value to a single person out there with my words at a time, that serves the purpose.

So, you are the unique creation on your own with your own stuff to share with the world. so no permission required……Go ahead..

2. What topic I consider myself as an expert, on which I can write, which people will love to?

Again, you don’t need to be an expert in a sense that you have to master that stuff. There is a journey in every knowledge area, in which people are at different stages in their life. while some people may be ahead of you (whom you can learn from), there are always possibilities that people are behind you as well.

And the people, who are behind you may consider your advise more practical and easy to implement, as compared to someone who has moved way ahead in that journey.

So in a way, you are an expert for some population and share your knowledge earned with them.

3. What will people think about me? (as if you are already sure that you are writing a crap).

Like you have a mind, people also have mind, which is also engaged in thinking 100% of the time. But the good point is that people are not thinking about you 100% of the time. There are great chances that they have other problems or concerns in their life to be addressed, rather than continuously thinking of what you are doing. But unfortunately, one keeps on thinking that the whole world is just sitting to watch my next move. Except very very few people, who are really close to you and care about you, the other world is really busy in its own world. So this gets addressed on its own.

Also, don’t get scared of coming out with a crap idea. the key point is taking action and keep on improving while you move on.

Every activity is like a muscle building, it requires efforts, discipline and consistent practice, so should be writing.

4. Who will read what I am writing about? (who is my audience, my tribe, my community, which will connect with my thought process?)

Refer to answer given at question no. 2 again. You are already an expert in the eyes of some people at least, so keep going…

Oh Come on! this spontaneous exercise itself can prompt you to write, so if you are bit ready, then you can go a long way.

Actually speaking, writing per se (on its own) is not that difficult, but the thoughts or so called challenges (as stated above) make it difficult. So difficult that we start and then skip or drop or quit again and again.

And with this days, weeks, months and years pass by… and we don’t take any action, as happens with most of our dreams and goals.

So, though I am thinking in my own head that above stuff is a crap, still posting it to the world. With the hope that I will come out with a good next topic.

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