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I don’t date, and probably never will, this sort of song and dance right here, is one of many reasons not to. Sure as a girl it’d be a different song and dance most likely, but a song and dance it most would certainly be.

Still, I’m a curious sort, so occassionally I read about things I never intend to participate in. I’ve always thought that shallowness is unattractive and tended to chide my friends whenever they applied it to a boy or girl.

But you raise an interesting point, I guess people have a right to standards, even if those standards seem alittle petty or oddly specific to other people. After all it’s their body, heart and life their going to be sharing and ideally you want to share that stuff with the kind of person you can stand to look at/be around.

And if I look at it that way, it also makes sense that, standards are for everyone and if women really are encouraged to have more then men should be allowed to hold women and (other men provided they swing that way) to similar scrutiny.

I don’t think I’d choose to read about this sort of stuff every day or even every year or two years. Still, gave me something to think about. So thanks. :)

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