Alright, hold my drink.
Chachi Bobinks

I think it actually proved more than you think: it proved that as long as you follow the feminist narrative you can get away with almost anything. It proved that feminism doesn’t care about realism: i.e. replacing the reasonable Rhonda part of the article with body shaming. It proved that there is excellent motive in the form of good pay and attention for articles like “Sandys”

I also think from personal experience that your wrong about feminists turning on each other. Perhaps your small group does not however it’s a well known state of affairs that sex-negative feminism ate sex-positive feminism. It’s a well known fact that many former feminists have turned to GG or Anti-Feminism because they’ve felt like their more individual ideas were rejected out of hand or they themselves are demonized simply because they don’t follow the narrative.

It’s also somewhat remiss of you to try and accuse the poor guy of anything. He got fired, he deserves alittle taste of retribution the nice thing to do would be to let him savour it in peace.

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