The Startup Mindset in Love and Life
Ale Páez

I wish I knew about “fuck yes or no rule as it would have let me stop pushing so hard to make something happen that was jut not meant to happen, preventing me from wasting so much emotional energy.

A year ago, when I was dating, I was having a very hard time with my startup-ish lifestyle (that I love) vs the “godin” or student way of life that most of the people my age are in.

Fortunately, I found someone that understands my way of living and and I was able to compliment my partner’s, even when our schedules are radically different. It hasn’t been all very straightforward but we‘ve been able to iron out our issues by letting our egos behind and always talking about the things that make us uncomfortable.

Getting back on topic, I definitely agree that the skills we use at work are those that we use when we’re dating or in a relationship: persuasion, communication, openness, feedback loops, quick reactions and a bunch of other things are heavily used for both.

We like to think we isolate different aspects of our life, but the truth is that we exist across all of them at the same time.

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