Meet Team Somedia

I have some incredible people behind me as I run for LLS GA’s (Man &) Woman of the Year. 

Yesterday, we officially announced my run for Woman of the Year in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man & Woman of the Year campaign for Atlanta, GA.

Marketing-wise, the message was shared to my personal page, first, then to the Somedia page. From there my husband, Randy, shared it and so did his sister, Melissa. We also posted it to the Stick it 2 Cancer Facebook page. I got such great responses from friends, family, and fans (both public and private) and the encouragement was tremendous. I’m also very happy with the reach of our initial announcement as I look at this entire experience as research and experimentation with social media marketing for a cause.

Now that the news is out there, it’s time to really get moving. Beyond daily brainstorming and idea ping-pong between Randy and me, our first order of business is to get my Team together to organize what needs to be done, by when, and by whom. We’ve set our first meeting for next Thursday night. We’ll be snacking and drinking wine/craft beer. You know, a glass of wine is very helpful in creative thinking!

I’m so excited about my team members. I started out thinking, “Who in the world is going to want to be on my team?” And I know how important the team is: IF we are going to meet our goals, it’s going to take much more than ME. As my dear husband diligently reminds me… I have a business to grow, first and foremost. So the importance of divide and conquer is clear and evident.

After my initial announcement, I created a Secret Facebook Group for my team members and slowly started to add people. In the first day, my team has grown to 9 members (including myself)!! WOW! I’m floored and grateful for the support!

My team members so far:

  • Tracy Manning (LLS MWOY Campaign Manager) — she’s on all candidates’ teams and she’s helped me with Stick it 2 Cancer events for 3 years. She knows her stuff, what will work and what won’t, and she’ll help prepare us for the realities of our BIG ideas.
  • Randy Romanaux — my dear husband, chief hugger, and motivator. He hosts our annual #AllinforaCURE poker tournament and has awesome ideas to contribute for our overall campaign. I can always count on Randy to keep us focused and realistic about our plans. As Chief Strategy Officer at Somedia, his ability to look at the big picture will help us create a successful and strategic approach to this campaign.
  • Lindsey Nelson — she’s been on the LLS GA MWOY Committee for a few years and she plans to run for Woman of the Year next year. You better believe I’ll be on her team helping her win it in 2015!! She’s also getting hitched in May, so I’m impressed at her eagerness to help me with my campaign.
  • Christine Foster — she’s a social media specialist at Somedia and was the first one to volunteer to help me out. It was so refreshing to hear her say “Anything I can do to help, just let me know.” How AWESOME is that?!
  • Nina Perea — she’s my newest friend in Roswell, GA and she has a mini australian shepherd too (you know, #pennythewonderdog is mine and #blancotheminiaussie is hers — the dogs are besties and by default, I suppose we are too ☺). She’s also a BIG thinker, and has an infectious energy. I’m excited to have her on my team — she’ll learn a lot about Si2C and she’ll meet some incredible people along the way. Perfect for the new girl in town.
  • Kristine Croft — she’s been a part of Si2C for the last few years and I’ve been really impressed with her ability to put together incredible events and come up with new ideas (cardboard box regatta anyone?!). I asked her to be a part of my team and thank goodness she said yes. What it will become, we don’t quite know yet, but I’m still totally stoked about her joining me!
  • Beka Malloy Riemer — Beka and I went to Lake Braddock Secondary School together and now she lives in CA. Beka is not only a SURVIVOR, but she also ran for MWOY in LA last year and was the runner up — raising an incredible $51,000! She saw my announcement on Facebook and reached out to help, already offering valuable insight on the right approach to the campaign. She’ll be invaluable as we come up with new ideas and then try to execute them. Her support is a surprise and so appreciated!
  • Michelle Miniutti — she’s in Maine right now, playing in the blizzard and Facebooking, so she saw my announcement too. Randy originally announced my run for MWOY at a party over Christmas break and Michelle was SO excited that we talked for an hour about events, opportunities etc. She has two precious girls and she and her hubby are already passing ships in the night much of the time, so her help even in brainstorming and planning will be awesome. There are so many ways to help out and they aren’t all big and time consuming. The little things make a BIG difference.
  • Team photo… coming soon ☺

Having 9 team members already is impressive in my book, but we can always use more help. The more help we have the less we all have to do in the end, right? If you’re interested in joining our team to help out, gain some experience in fundraising and marketing, or test the waters for your own MWOY run in the future, just let me know! Tweet me @Somedia, we’d love to have you on our TEAM!

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