The Myth Behind Asians and Gunn’s “Competitive Arms Race”
Michelle J. Zhang

a courageous post. well done for that. i am sorry in this hunger games-like atmosphere, you are made to feel you are pushing someone else out of the way when you succeed.

as a mother, i don’t agree with what you say about academic freedom. teenagers are well-known for not being able to cope with complete freedom. the schools have to create schedules with the health of the majority in mind, and yes it will circumscribe the choices of some people who lie outside that majority.

i believe that inside every big problem, there are big, big lies. lies that all the particpants tell themselves. there is simply no way this situation can be blamed on the asian community. if that is what you are feeling, it seems the situation is getting worse, not better. because the lies are hitting a new low.

what are some of the lies? let’s start at the top. the colleges. they market to anyone with a pulse just to create statistics showing off “selectivity”. the “college board” — skimming money off parents so that they can electronically forward records. the banks — telling kids they can afford debt which they cannot afford. we could probably go HIGHER in the food chain and find more lies.

our kids are the food in this chain.

what do we parents lie about? one might be, we lie to ourselves that we are paying attention to our kids’ lives when perhaps we in fact are drowning in problems ourselves, that we won’t get help for, or face up to. no doubt asian families tell themselves lies (and perhaps equally likely, are SOLD lies ), and they do have to figure that out, but only as part of a process of COLLECTIVE responsibility-taking.

as for you, remember this: whatever your ethnicity, you are an american. if you are made to feel less-than, or blamed because of ethnicity, those are small, lying minds speaking. tune them out, and if it persists, take steps, because no one should endure bullying racism. keep speaking out ☺

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