Advice From An Elder During a Downward Spiral

On voicing what you want.

Connect with who you are at the core, your authenticity…and voice it.

I was in a downward spiral in my head earlier today. I didn’t do anything to bring on the circumstances that sent me there…except to hook up with reactive thoughts and allow them to spiral out of control.

I got discouraged and even angry very quickly, and that did not support the work I’m doing to keep a positive mindset and the effort I’m putting into manifesting a life partner, fulfilling work, and a change of residence. (For the record, New York City is my target, for anyone who’s reading and can possibly assist in the manifestation of these desires. ::wink wink::)

A little while ago, in the few moments when I stopped circulating self-defeating, downward-spiraling thoughts, a little light of inspiration floated softly through my mind. It was the phrase, “Wisdom of the elders.”

So I called an 80-year old friend. She listened for a few minutes and then offered this:

“Put a voice to what you want. Say it out loud over and over, creating momentum around those desires. Focus softly without forcing anything. Allow yourself to feel good.”

I stopped talking and took that thought in…

Then recalibration, refocus, clarity, peace.

The Universe delivered again and I heard.

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