One word — Snobbery

The unpleasant truth.

**Warning: Uncomfortable, unpolitically-correct opinion**

Like to admit it or not, there’s a lot of snobbery prevalent these days in the good old United States.

A symptom of a culture decidely off-center.

Arrogance and ego drive beliefs and actions in many. “I’m better/smarter/higher class than you” because I have more stuff, money, social prestige, perceived power, etc.

No, honey, you just won the lottery in a rigged system. You were born into or somehow luckily fell into advantage. Plain and simple.

There are multitudes of intelligent, morally-decent, courageous, compassionate human beings who struggle everyday just to “survive.” They spend their waking hours trying to “make ends meet” in a system set up for them to toil endlessly while propping up the luckier ones. Given the same basic support system the others enjoy, they would, most likely, be thriving too. They would be working, learning, creating, and experiencing life the way all humans should be blessed to live.

Snobbery does not have a rightful place on this earth. Empathy and equal opportunity do.

Food for thought.

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