What are Rights?

Women have the right to this, women have the right to that. I keep hearing that song, and “this” and “that” often replace the most inane things.

Rights are certain benefits we’re entitled to have. In an egalitarian society, we all deserve the same rights despite our gender, race, religion, or political stances. Some rights are basic for all of us to have. Some exist for certain specific populations (like the rights for children), but in general, these populations also are entitled to have 30 basic human rights (simplified here and here):

1. Equality
2. No Discrimination
3. Life, Liberty, Personal Security
4. No Slavery
5. No Torture and Degrading Treatment
6. Use of the Law
7. Protection by the Law
8. Fair Trial
9. No Arbitrary Arrest and Exile
10. Right to a Trial
11. Innocence until Proven Guilty
12. Privacy
13. Freedom of Movement
14. Asylum from Unfair Persecution
15. Nationality
16. Marriage and Family
17. Own Property
18. Freedom of thought
19. Freedom of speech
20. Peaceful Assembly and Association
21. Participation in Government and in Free Elections
22. Social Security
23. Desirable Work and to Join Trade Unions
24. Rest and Leisure
25. Adequate Living Standard
26. Education
27. Participation in the Cultural Life of Community
28. Social Order
29. Responsibilities
30. Freedom from State or Personal Interference in the above Rights

For years, different groups, have been denied these rights. Some still are so we keep fighting for those groups to have all of them without one interfering with the others.

Modern feminism, on the other hand, seems to have that goal.

For example, certain feminists say that women should be immediately believed if they accuse someone of rape. Nope. They have the right to be taken seriously and have a trial to prove their accusation (6, 7, 8, 10). But that’s it. The alleged rapist has the right to prove their innocence if he feels so: check #11, I bold it for you.

“What about #3? Women are still victims of violence!?”. Yes, they are. But, unless you can prove ONLY women are victim of violence, this isn’t an exclusive fight for feminism. Do modern societies prevent women from accusing men? Not that I’m aware. My mom was recently robbed and the police acted in the best way they could, unless you’re asking for women’s guardianship.

I could examine point by point and prove that “representation in comics” or “free birth control” aren’t rights. Because they aren’t. As one prominent feminist said once “women’s rights are human rights”. Those above are your rights, women. Even #29, also bolded for you: RIGHT TO BE RESPONSIBLE. So, stop trying to walk over these rights and make the government do so. That goes against #30. Yes, also bolded for you.

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