Making algorithms that effectively counter filter bubbles is all too clearly an urgent need, and…
Richard Reisman

yes exactly! And following that thought, the worst offender in this election, feeding an echo chamber full of lies and deceptions to millions of (sorry) low information voters was Steve Bannon, now the chief strategist in the White House. If he was allowed to continue this game, our democracy will not survive. Trump can mobilize his 15 million followers with a tweet, and the Drudge report and Breitbart and Fox news and Rush Limbaugh are colluding to amplify and confirm his message.

We still today have a solid share of the population convinced that climate change is not happening. It is a major impediment in the political process, and the media elites are not challenging it because major corporations not just in the carbon industry, but also key players in the food web don’t want them to talk about it. In a world where $ billions of advertising revenues are at stake, no network can afford to go against that current.

Obviously, a long way to go, but we better start the journey.