Gotta Get Away? 10 Traveling Essential Every Gal Needs!

Wether you’re feeling antsy about the current political climate, or you just want to get some much needed R&R, here are some essentials every traveler should have on their packing list!

1. Valfre Boys Tears Portable Power Charger $40

With todays presidential administration its not too much of stretch to think the apocalypse may soon be upon us. Make sure you keep that phone charged up so you can stay up to date with the news via the twitterverse.

2. UNIF Send Help hoodie $128

Traveling to a place WITHOUT cell phone reception? (it happens!) Make sure that even without the ability to make a phone call you can still get your message across loud, clear and comfortably!

3. Aura Cleansing Spray $23

No matter the 5 star rating, hotel rooms can be infested with more than you you would find on the sheets with a blacklight (yikes!). Bad energy from staff or past guests can ruin a trip in heartbeat so make sure to cleanse the bad juju before you fully relax that third eye! ;)

4. JetBags Resealable Padded Wine Bags $12

Traveling with family can be a great bonding experience!…Or not..Make sure you can keep your cool and that really expensive Italian wine your rich uncle bought for you, wherever you go with these resealable, travel friendly wine bags.

5. Milk Makeup Cooling Water Stick $24

OK ok if you aren’t going to get wine drunk on your flight we totally get it, but jet lag is also real and not very fun or cute! Make sure you keep your eyes de-puffed and your body awake this Milk Makeup Cooling Water stick that also has a hint of coffee bean that will surely keep you perky!

6. Ego Shoes Farrah Rubber Slider With Faux Fur Trim $26

Slide in and out through airport security with the casual style of the popular furry slides! Best thing is these babies come in an array of colors perfect for any airport ensemble!

7. Current Mood Backpack $38

Our current mood having this backpack is: 😍 Don’t worry about smashing this baby in the overhead bin and keep all your gadgets, snacks, and in flight reading on you with this mini but sizable backpack. Might we say it could also double as the cutest inflight pillow?

8. Wildfox Offline Tennis Club Pants & Offline Carta Zip Hoodie $98 and $132

Let everyone know what you there for with this perfect traveling sweatsuit. Of course it won’t hide you from all the annoying passengers or pushy sales people in a local market but hey, a girl can dream!

9. Verameat Travel Patch $18

No one will mistake your bag for theirs when it comes rolling around with this big bright patch sewn on! You’ll see these bright red lips from a mile away!