Girl behind The Bell Tower

Every good morning, the girl wakes up to the amazing view of the bell tower, standing tall amid far away hills background, rusty old thing in the gray skyline of early morning mist. Always wet to the touch at the early light, with tiny droplets of water found their home in the greenery of vines that shoot atop clinging the tower around. On the top, under roof, stayed a big antique bell, whose ring could be heard at all corners of the town. The bell, although could be old, did not have a single crack on it, mocking the good old people of the town, showing how sturdy she is than them. No one knew what would make the bell ring, apart from the girl, whose every embarrassment made the bell ring itself, however silly it is. The sound of bell is too loud to not notice, too terrifying to not acknowledge and too personal to not withhold.

The girl is lovely, as lovely as girls can be. Happy as any girl of her age could be. The girl’s innocence is her bliss, wilderness is her style and cheerfulness is her visage. The girl woke up to sweet nature’s breeze every morning full of enthusiasm, did chores with the grace of dance, played her heart out and lived like a symphony of great music. Little did she wore out with every step, her spirit was never low, until the bell rang for the first time. The girl wet her bed. She woke up to the bell ring that day, quietly, timidly.

As time passed, bell started ringing often, once a day to several times a day. She did not understand at that time, the little things that were cheered before, how they are not fit to her behavior now. She hated the bell, regretted causing the bell ring, every time. She never liked to cause inconvenience to others but only wanted to live without boundaries. She cringed when extreme happiness also caused the bell to ring and loathed the idea of laughing in control. She changed herself to stop the bell from ringing. Although, the acts that cause the ring did not lessen with her age.

Once a time, her bed wetting made the bell ring. With time, her pronunciation, dancing, singing, way of running also started the bell to ring. Now, even her dressing begun the bell ring, that she should do every minor aspect of her life carefully to avoid the horrifying sound. The girl now does what she is bid by the bell. The girl is no longer free.

Actions changed to inaction to reposing. She did not know if something would cause the ring, so she refrained herself from trying the unfamiliar. This made her day to day life indifferent if not boring. The girl is not sad though, as she could stop the bell ring, and that was enough for her. There were moments of pleasure and discomfort but not immense. She’s in control of bell. She’s civilized. She’s respectable. She’s not embarrassed. She does everything in a socially acceptable quantity.

She did not destroy the bell, may be because she never thought that is an option. One day, the idea came, that she should escape from the Bell’s horror.

She wanted to ignore the bell. That’s not easy. She did for a while. She did whatever she wanted. In a moment of weariness, the bell ringing became so loud that all that burden broke her to realize that its not an option.

She hoped to destroy the bell. It couldn’t be done either.

She needed to befriend the bell. She has to understand that she needs to get on the bell tower to look beyond horizons. She needed the bell, for their connection is a bliss. Accepting the bell into her life is the only way they can walk together, to better, to safer. The bell is not her enemy, but her most prized friend. A friend that can give rationality to free spirit. Bell tower is the friend that cares only for the girl’s well being. The girl needs to understand the bell and the bell tower has to accept the girl.

The bell is the self conscious nature that shuns us be in our zones, not to be fooled at, not to be different than others. The girl is the free spirit that drives life into our life. There is a bell tower in each of us and a spirit like a careless child. We loose whenever one of them wins over other. We win only if they walk together, as friends, as partners, to all the time to come. This is a battle that is won only if both sides don’t loose.