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Uncovering the most common problems faced in the 21st century

This article provides deeper insights into some of the problems faced by the internet and tech users of this era and some tested methods to combat those.

Internet, the most helpful and evolving tool for mankind. Some of the most impeccable inventions 🚀 and discoveries are possible today because of the Internet.

But, have you ever noticed your focus being drastically reduced while reading a lengthy article (Don’t worry, I’ve tried to keep this short & useful😛), or a chapter from a book? Have you ever faced difficulty in recalling some important information that was perceived very recently? And, quickly…

Note: This whole article is about your mental health and how to stabilize it if your Physical health is not good, kindly consult a Physician or a doctor! :)

Just for an intro, being alone or being away from your daily schedule may trigger new thoughts, make you discover creative solutions for head-breaking problems and also will make you feel your freedom.

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Lonely time might be a killer for your emotions and also can be a boon for your life…

There are 2 types of loneliness with respect to the Time span,
a. Short time loneliness
b. Longtime loneliness

Short time loneliness is like a 100m Athletic race, which will be of a short span and you will…

The title “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge” was a quote said by DANIEL BOORSTIN but, it was closely related to the life of STEPHEN HAWKING.

While relating to S.W.Hawking, right from his Ph.D. thesis “Hawking Radiation”, “A brief history of time” to a single elegant equation which explains everything in the universe (The Theory of Everything).I was inspired by the movie “The Theory of Everything” at various scenes of it. Trying to understand various parts of it made me write this essay.

When we see the timeline of Quantum mechanics, right…

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