Programmer Anarchy

Implementing anarchy

/* Project is running from past x year(s) with a team of 10–15 people */

CEO : We are implementing anarchy.

Programmer : What’s that supposed to mean ?

CEO : We are removing Project Manager, QA, BA. You will be doing all by yourself.

Programmer : no wonder how you agreed with my raise so easily.

The question

Programmer : How can I perform the QA part ?

CEO : You are so good why do you need one :)

anyway Selenium and Cucumber are programming tools isn’t it ?

Programmer : But what about BA role ?

CEO : You were the one complaining about your social life, isn’t it ?


CEO : Why do you not do stand-up nowadays ?

Programmer : No, I do it daily

CEO : Then how I can’t see it ?

Programmer : Oh that I do while brushing at home :)


Programmer : Our team is implementing anarchy.

Friend : Wow the concept is nice, how will you manage all?

Friend : anyway so much freedom, cool man !

Programmer : With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Friend : I thought it was “electricity bill”