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Well, I would have said that the difference between you and me in this regard is the level of knowledge when it comes to what bitcoin can be used for. That and the fact that one of us has no issues with

A) taking silly positions while being completely ignorant

B) not taking 2 minutes to do “research” before posting silly things, while being ignorant

C) sticking with opinions and starting to seem like a deuche in the process

Why would you need to get behind any movements? Do you feel like you are being recruted when all I intended was to jokingly correct you when you said it’s useful only when you can get cancer using them? Dude, and I say this with warmth and affection, not a single fuck is given by literally anyone if you decide you’re not getting behind what you perceive as movement.

You’re making the point for anyone interested in “debating” you, you do understand that right? How about instead of getting all sour puss mr salty pants because some random moron jokingly pointed out you can indeed buy stuff using bitcoin, you do some reading. Like say use google and read what people are talking, whats being written? Not to best me, but to educate your self. Bitcoin might be shitty tech solution trying to find a problem to solve, but it never hurts to educate your self. Form opinions based on more information.

with points like these, you really make it easy:

“ Movements like this are like a disease in that in order for it become a serious contender it has to have overwhelming support from a majority of people.”

So how does one gain that overwhelming support? Internet was once a silly little thing for handful of people, look at it now, here we are comparing dicks using it? Same with cars, people were completely fine using horses. I could go on, but seeing how I would be promoting a useless decease, maybe not.

“ And sure rich people can buy fancy cars but it’s the poor people that ensure its usefulness in any widespread manner.”

So, have you heard of this thing called “unbankables”? I suspect in the world of Kenneth the goal post is in constant movement and we can go on with this until the sun burns all of it’s hydrogen, but I’m just stupid enough to point you to the fact that indeed it’s the poor people of the world who are also being targeted by multiple fintech startups.

And indeed these poor people are using bitcoin way more than you would think. See these people might live in countries where they are not able to get a bank account, but they do have mobile phones. These people use bitcoin to order goods online. These people have relatives living all over the world and these people send them funds using bitcoin. This is a real thing by the way.

It’s also these actually poor and or oppressed people who might find it useful to have means to send funds to each other in decentralized way. Say you lived in a country where the state is actually willing to make you disappear if they find out you support a political movement, person or just like certain type of music? Do you feel like there’s a use case or two right there or are these types of people not important enough to be considered when one determines the usefulness of these cryptocurrencies?

“ Furthermore, those folks that you need to start using to make it really catch on are unlikely to spend their stable gov’t money to buy and unstable virtual money.”

See the above, people who are living in countries with such conditions, that they are not able to get any kind of payment card are indeed using bitcoin.

As a final note… how about you consider this. Some things can be useful to people even if you don’t think that’s the case. Same can be said about your notion that it needs to overtake fiat currencies to be useful. It’s totally possible to be useful without being the only one or the biggest one. You don’t need to use, like or endorse bitcoin or anything else, but being poorly educated on the subject and just sticking to this opinion is not doing you any favors my friend.

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