Easter Cake Decorating Class ❤

Hi everyone!!!!

We’re very excited to have just completed our 4th cake decorating class at the Something Delicious Bake Shop!! I will be announcing the next class in a few days, I am planning around the beginning of May.

This class we made the cutest bunny in a tree stump cake! We started the class out by teaching everyone how to ice the cake, or a errr…… the stump :)

Tree Stump and Bunny Tail

We started the class off by showing the everyone how to ice the exterior of the cake, and our technique on how to make a nice smooth, and squared base. Since this theme we were looking for was on the rough side, we were able to cheat a little bit :) We then gave our stump a textured “bark” look by dragging a fork along the side of the cake. As you can see this really makes the cake pop with a little extra detail.

The next step was to make the little bunny butt :) This was one of the easier steps since we just made a couple blobs to give the bunny some depth. The feet on the other hand, were a little bit harder, we detailed them by using a fine tip to made the toes and the bottom of the feet. To finish up the little guy we added a pinch of coconut to give him some fur.

Little Bunny butt and Flowers

The next portion of the class we got to dive into making buttercream flowers! This was a little more advanced, but for first timers I think everyone did an excellent job at tackling this difficult skill. In no time we had a field of beautifully colored buttercream flowers in the the bakery.

After adding the flowers to the cakes we were getting towards the end of the class and everyone was encouraged to finish off the cakes with their own style, and of course, a little bit of glitter ❤

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Thank you to everyone that joined the class, I hope everyone had as much fun as we did!!

We also have some exciting news, if you didn’t already know, we are starting an expansion into the building next to us. With the added room we will be able to accommodate larger classes and more often! Construction will be done soon so keep and eye out for more classes and don’t forget to Treat Yourself!

Easter Class with cakes

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