How I’ll be representing Lichfield

Today I spent some time on the phone talking to a voter who wanted to understand what I stand for. It was a really interesting experience to be directly grilled by a voter in this way, and I’m pleased I had the chance to do it — it’s certainly made me think!

As a result, I decided to outwardly invite people to contact me through Facebook and Twitter and I want to do so here as well. Please e-mail or call me on 07516 816 273. Let me know what you care about locally, and what local issues you’re interested in or concerned about.

Having that phone call also made me think a bit more clearly about how I’m going to be a good representative.

Representative — not councillor.

I think that bit is important. When I wrote about why I want to a local councillor I touched upon what local councillors are supposed to do;

The primary job of councillors, however, is to represent their constituents.

I’ll repeat what I said to the voter I spoke with today: I don’t think the existing councillors are doing a good enough job of representing their constituents.

Here’s how I’ll strive to be a good local representative;

  • You can contact me at any time via E-mail, Twitter or Facebook and I’ll be available on 07516 816 273 too.
  • As much as I can — at least monthly — I’ll be making myself available, somewhere in Lichfield, for you to come and see me and talk to me about whatever local issues might be on your mind. Can’t come to me? Give me a call, and I’ll pop round to yours instead.
  • For every official council meeting I attend I’m going to try and explain, in advance, what the meeting is about and the likely decisions that will need to be made. I’ll be asking for your opinions on what you think I should do.
  • When votes are taken in meetings, I will publish my vote.
  • I will publish my own council meeting attendance, and my reasons for when I don’t attend.
  • All my expenses will be published at the same time, or before, I file them with the council. And I’ll publish any allowances I receive.

What else do you think makes a good local representative?

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