Something More Austin: Quality, Not Quantity

Something More in Austin is the only personalized, offline dating service in the entire city. It is the inspiration of Julia McCurley, a certified matchmaker who has spent most of her life matching people to something ¬– either to a job in the corporate world, or to another person.

She spent eighteen years as a corporate headhunter in the IT industry. But eighteen years was enough, and she left it to become, as she puts it, a headhunter for the heart. “My friends and family encouraged me to do this, because there wasn’t anyone here on the ground in Austin doing offline, personalized matchmaking,” Julia McCurley says. The similarities to her corporate work are unmistakable. “You’re interviewing people, getting beyond their resume, and trying to make a good match.”

The objective at Something More in Austin is to bring together like-minded singles. Julia McCurley does it confidentially, screening applicants and taking on only those who meet her high standards. “It’s about quality, not quantity,” she says.

None of the matchmaking is done by computer; it all has a human element, which is one of the keys of the success of Something More in Austin. The human element, after all, is what it’s all about. Julia McCurley tells those clients who have become discouraged by the dating scene, and of the prospects of ever meeting that special someone, to have some faith in her matchmaking skills. They need to trust in divine timing, and in her skills as a certified matchmaker and headhunter for the heart.

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