I’m excited to announce that we launched mixed.parts today.

Mixed Parts is a simple news and discussion community, curated by artists working across the many fields that make up animation (in the broadest sense of the word). We are interested in the conceptual side of things, provoking discussion, and inspiring each other.

Why did you build this?

There are many social outlets, but each has their downfall. Twitter has too many distractions, Slack is impossible to keep up with, blogs are subject to the author’s interests, and Vimeo is not made for discussions.

On Mixed Parts what gets posted and voted to the top is up to you. You can share a link, a film, or start a discussion.

What should I expect?

During our initial testing period the most interesting part has been the variety. Animation is an umbrella, it’s a collaborative art. It’s not just cartoons and commercials. It’s everything from a single drawing to a virtual world. It’s video games and user interfaces. It’s graphic design, illustration, and art. We love it all, and we welcome it all. With a simple voting system we decide what we find most interesting.

Quickly browse the top posts to see what’s happening, or take a deeper dive and join the conversation. The discussion section is where we will debate the future of the industry, get advice, and more.


As individuals we all share so much in common but tend to divide into our little bubbles. It’s time to change this. We plan to mix people working in motion, commercial, film, TV, indie, design, illustration, interactive, and more. We want to bring all the parts together.

Social media tends to be a “look at me” culture. On Mixed Parts there are no followers, we’re all on the same playing field and we vote on the post, not the person posting it.

Anyone can browse, but only members can post.

For now Mixed Parts is invite only. We will be growing the community slowly and there will be opportunities to get involved. This is important in keeping the quality high. Follow along to find out how to become a member.


This site is the beginning. It will always be a work in progress. We have big plans for it, and want to involve the community on which way to take it. Don’t be shy and let us know what you want out of it.

Special thanks to the people who are making this a reality, especially designer Rob Junge and developer Joshie Fishbein, as well as Graham Heistman, Ambrose Yu, Pat Finn, and everyone testing and providing invaluable feedback.

Visit mixed.parts / Follow us on Twitter