New city, who dis?

Having recently moved from hometown NY to LA, I’m inspired to “network” for the first time since graduating. I know it will happen organically, but I want to find ways to reach people I might not normally meet. Let’s start with instagram.

🤞🏻 Fingers crossed. Suitable gif for an expensive test.

I was pretty happy with this little gif, so decided to promote it. I dropped $100 bucks targeting Los Angeles locals with an interest in advertising, art, animation, films, etc. I added a CTA (thats marketing jargon for click the button, dummy) that said “Watch More” which just directed you to my profile. They estimated 30k-75k views. The results:

Promotion on the left, original on the right

Their estimate was off by about 24,000 on the low end. Only 15 clicks. Not sure where their engagement number came from, I thought it was the total likes, comments, and saves. I’m sure the ads would work better if I had something to sell.

I did get around 80 followers over the past 24 hours. But if only 15 people clicked ‘watch more’ my guess is most of these were organic from the discover page.

CONCLUSION: Give me my money back instagram, you piece of shit. We can also assume no one cares about animation outside of our bubble. I actually just got a credit from Google Adwords, I’ll try that next.

If you made it this far, get back to work.

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