walking can be unsafe, talking can be consequential, something as simple as breathing can end, words can be wrong / songs cannot be clear enough, laughs cannot be heard enough, cries cannot be considered enough, lives cannot be taken enough, nothing is enough. though we have “freedom of speech”, not everyone talks, not everyone draws, not everyone dances, not everyone sings, not everyone writes / but those who: talk — can say the wrong thing, though they mean each word, and be beaten for their freedom of speech. draw — can be considered as not good enough, and art is their way of talking, must i have no voice? dance — can be considered vulgar or angry, because of aggression, but must i lose my feet , and use my fist? sing — can be muted by the beliefs of ‘good enough’ in our society. must i lose my only voice? write — can lose a friend or never be recognized because their story doesn’t intrigue the simple-minded, who fail to look outside the box /really ? must i lose my pen? My freedom is limited to what’s OK to you, so my freedom is not freedom at all. Freedom is to please me , not the world. if im going to be something, I must break the barrier you placed on my mouth, my feet, my voice, my pen… once you took the shackles off my feet.

Let me be free.