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Why complain about just the Muslim Ramadan. According to the liberal idea, he should have a dinner or whatever is required of his family for all 4200 world religions or he could discriminate and just celebrate the approximate 384 major religions holidays. Maybe he should have a Bar Mitzvah for his son and have his daughters FGM. Otherwise you might offend all 4200 religions and they will come to America to kill all liberals who are not living according to their precepts. Oh there are only some who are not a religion of peace who would do that. At least the Muslims won’t kill those who they find living according to the Good Book. (Jesus is alive and in heaven, they just choose to ignore his teaching yet acknowledge he is good, although he taught love instead of hate) mentioned in the Quran as long as they don’t believe Jesus, God and Holy Spirit are one.(or they must be a polytheist) (as you can see by their actions, they don’t know or have the Holy Spirit in their religion to guide them, just church leaders) they just enslave or kill all others and their women become sex slaves. Yes, equal opportunity enslavement, is part of the Quran. But are the terrorist are just a few fully following the tenants of their religion and Mohammad and the rest are reprobates? If you are Muslim and your home country is at war, you are a draft dodger. If it is a Civil War, choose a side. According to the Quran, any Muslims they find, not living according to the faith are worthy of death along with many others such as LGBT, those, having abortions, feminist (none of these are permitted). Mohammad following leaders just feel that it is better that all are killed than to be separated from Allah. And if you’re not following Mohamed, then you are worthy of death. (But why wasn’t Jesus separated from Allah? He certainly didn’t follow Mohammad teachings. If their teachings are opposite how can both be prophets of the same God? Mohamed is dead of poisoning and Jesus is alive in heaven, go figure which you should follow). So out of fear, you won’t find many Muslims who will admit to being “moderate”. Of course they don’t have Mohamed writing permissions, to do as he wanted like to take his sons wife. But according to recent survey, most Muslims want Sarah law (where the church is the law) not American or abiding countries Law, and anything that furthers the religion is approved including lying. Of course most of those who actually do the killing in Syria, joined them in order to not be killed and kill in order not to be killed. Sort of works like the National Socialist NAZI. Maybe that’s why the two joined forces in WWII. They both chose to use the Jews as scapegoats for all of their problems.

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