From the exhibit name Coloriosity you understand that the artist, Tiffanie Delune, aims to show what can happen when colour meets curiosity. She uses a combination of pastel and vibrant colours to create fun scenes of nature and animals.

Delune’s paintings are acrylic on canvas. The subjects in her paintings are a combination of nature, plants, birds and our general surroundings. She creates patterns within the paintings making them quite busy. These busy patterns are reminiscent of Ankara, the prolific African fabric. It’s always great to see an artist be inspired by their environment.

Her colour palate is playful hodgepodge which clash with each other. She uses pop-pink with black, neon-yellow and crimson red, cobalt blue and tangerine orange. It is this combination of ill-fitting colours that makes them fun and engrossing to look at. It reminds you of how you’d combine colours as a child without the inhibitions adulting gives you. Her colour choices feels somewhat psychedelic like Alice in Wonderland. The artist mission to capture kid-like emotions and images is successful.

Looking at the paintings, you notice their flatness. Delune uses smooth painting strokes and this does away with texture. They lack depth and do away with the skill of painting in perspective that the Renaissance masters honed. She places no hierarchy between the foreground and background of the painting making the paintings more cartoon-like.

The collection is generally successful at creating a fun collection of work, however, Delune could have made her work better by making the animals she painted more identifiable. For example, she could have painted in the unique patterns of the parrot in the parrot painting. This would have created an opportunity for even more vibrancy in her paintings.

Coloriosity will be shown at 16/16 from May 16 to May 23. Be sure to check it out.