6 Months into Gym The Journey continues ...

1 Jan 2016, its pleasant New Year Morning, time to start afresh, wish everyone a Happy New Year and ask yourself to add some good new habits and uninstall bad ones. During these initial days, newspapers social media and almost everyone is filled up with New Year resolutions like getting fit, saving money, traveling abroad, getting a better job etc. It is during these days you feel the wave of an additional discount on joining GYM and everyone is like SALE ON !!

It was quite a time I was in a dilemma to join the GYM or not. I was already enjoying running 4–5 times a week. I had read an article that almost 30% new joiners quit the gym within ~20 days another 30% within ~40 days. I definitely didn’t want to fall into these buckets. After too much soul-searching and googling I finally decided to join the GYM as it now time for some action and this is worth a try. I paid the membership fees for 3 months instantaneously to sign off the deal.

The hardest part is to get your butt off the bed and hit the gym, once reached their things seems to go on an autopilot mode.

During my initial days, I focused only on the cardio workout to prepare up my body for the upcoming battle. I promised myself to not miss gym even a single day for the first 21 days , may be because I took ‘Magic rule of 21’ too seriously :P . And I was proud for having a 21-day streak.

After about one month I started weight training , push ups ,pull ups, bench press , some dumbbell lifts, and abs. My Gym trainer advised me to be regular and follow diet chart. Following diet chart wasn’t easy for a foodie like me who loves eating sweets and all those mouth watering but high-calorie packets.

To keep me energized for the gym I put up some motivational quotes in my room and created a positive pressure for me by telling my friends about my new routine.

My obsession for the gym was so high that I didn’t let anyone not even myself to break my ongoing streak. With time I have relaxed my obsession levels but not my commitment. Now exactly after 6 months of weight and cardio training, I feel proud of myself for shedding fat and building up muscle, adding few inches to arms, from 6 continuous push-ups to 30+ continuous push-ups. Still a long way ahead, I have just got started.

I would advise anyone who is willing to hit the gym that “Slow and Steady wins the race” don’t try to do “Too much Too soon”. As it is said you need 3 things to develop lean muscle Regular Workout, Proper Diet ,Enough Rest. Now let us have a look at typical workout chart/routine Mon(Chest), Tue(Back), Wed(Biceps), Thu(Triceps), Fri(Shoulders), Sat(Legs), Sun(Rest). You can have a 3–6 workout sessions per week depending on body type and session intensity. The key initially is to learn the exercises, maintain proper form, hit the muscle right, have the full range of motion. Please Don’t cheat yourself by lifting heavy weights at the cost of improper movements.

Be patient, have faith in yourself and your awesome body is waiting for you.

I wish to write a separate article to share my detailed training program and diet chart for the desired audience.

Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful day.

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