Ode to my next Manager

  1. I work and seek external validation for everything I do. I need daily motivation because for the work I do, even the HR calls the month-end pay check as “compensation” . I don’t have a self-sustaining engine that runs without getting some cheers from the manager
  2. Say “Yes” or “No”. Don’t sit on it just because you don’t know what do do with it. You will not get any perspective sitting on it. Treat my time as precious and I will reciprocate with the same
  3. I will learn from what you do, not what you say. I am allergic to any dichotomy between your talk and do. I accept your faults because I am faulty too. I do not claim to be the smartest or the most hard working. You should also feel the same about yourself
  4. Your openness in sharing information, knowledge and network will be reciprocated in multiples. Please keep your insecurities at home.
  5. I have two post graduate degrees. It was not easy to get them, you know. I get the fact that you have more years of experience and you are more rounded because you have seen more shit than I have in these cubicles. I will get there in a few years. Help me grow and I will worship you forever.
  6. Can you foresee my being your manager in the future? Run this thought experiment and let me know. If you don’t have a good feeling about it, don’t hire me!