“Everything we do is in support of our users needs” Ashley Auld, eBay.

Oct 2, 2018 · 4 min read

“From strategy, to feature planning, to design & development, we make sure that everything we do is in support of our users needs”.

“We do usability testing to make sure that users don’t have trouble accomplishing their goals”.

“Our Head of Product was dedicated to building a team that embraced the importance of research at our core”

“If research is framed in this context [having a goal in mind], then it will prove valuable to inform design decisions, future feature enhancements, and more”.

Thank you Ashley! :)


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Diagnósticos de #usabilidad y detección de #oportunidades para tu diseño de productos digitales y servicios. Somos la voz de tus clientes | hola@puntolab.co

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