Official Sources and Dates for Magento 1 End of Life [Archive]

Enterprise Edition Agreement

The most important official source is Magento’s Enterprise Edition Agreement (EEA).

Official Magento 2 General Availability Announcement

According to the EEA terms above, end-of-life for Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) 1.13 and EE 1.14 will occur 3 years after the general availability (GA) announcement of the next major version. Magento 2 GA was announced on November 17, 2015, as indicated in this article on the official Magento blog.

Other Sources and Notes


Paul Boisvert, the current Head of Product Management at Magento, tweeted the November 18, 2016 EOL date early this year. Ben Marks (evangelist at Magento) referenced that tweet in one of his answers, confirming it. Although both of them represent Magento in the community, the EEA is ultimately the main source for the end-of-life dates.

Zend Framework 1.x End of Life

Zend announced that end-of-life for Zend Framework 1 (ZF1) would be September 28, 2016. However, several enterprise frameworks that are built on ZF1 are still actively maintained. This may come as a surprise, but Magento 2 is one of them.

  • ZF1 is a very stable framework.
  • Magento’s support is limited to to security issues.
  • In areas where ZF1 falls short, Magento borrows from other frameworks and libraries, such as ZF2 and Symfony.
  • Magento developers interact with the Magento Framework only; they should not use any of the ZF1 components directly. This keeps their code forward-compatible with decisions Magento may make about ZF1 in the near future.

Community Edition 1.x

Merchants running Community Edition (CE) 1.x should be extra careful because it’s not covered by the Enterprise Edition Agreement. I could find no official sources that guarantee security updates for Magento Community Edition up until November 2018, even though that’s the case for Enterprise Edition. Assuming that those security fixes will eventually “trickle down” from EE to CE might be tempting, but Magento doesn’t seem to guarantee that.


Any merchants interested in the security of their stores and the confidentiality of their clients’ sensitive information should upgrade and release their Magento 2 stores before November 18, 2018.

Need help Migrating?

If you need help migrating to Magento 2, feel free to contact my company, Strategery. We’ve been working with Magento 2 since its first release and have experience both migrating stores to Magento 2 and building new ones from scratch.





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