Why robots should format our code for us
Artem Sapegin

> There’s another thing that nobody else does except me

You’re not alone with your style preferences; over time I found every shape that you chose to be optimal in terms of readability, refactorability (!), and clean diffs. For some reason the community makes different choices, and now we all have to adopt them to stay current.

Maybe making fewer decisions is better overall, unless the decisions made for you are suboptimal.

One example that comes to mind is Create React App. This is a perfect product, but they decided that we should not use SCSS and TypeScript. They have once decided that we should not use CSS modules, but they are finally changing that for the good.

Automating code formatting is good in the way that if the decisions update, the format can follow. But until that update happens, we either have to fork (like with react-scripts), or not use the tool for serious products where certain guidelines were imposed for a reason.

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