The places you go...the people you meet..

Leave a mark much ever bleak..

Human heart is really vast...

It can accommodate a lot of past..!!

People come and people go..

But this stupid heart doesn't forgo..

time and again it keeps on stacking...

oh how i wish it loved a little slacking..!!

Piles are made ..archived and stored...

and nothing or no one is ignored..!!

All fall in this stupid heart..

A few in the right apart...

We never have to sort the people in there..

It does it automatically for all we care..!!

We never realise how these people landed where they did..

But whenever we think of someone we find them in the right grid..!!

Human heart is a major mystery...

Its vast ,complex and has a lot of history..!!

How we try to understand this vile creature..

who resides in each of us like a bad ass teacher..

who lets us fall in all the pits and pots..

giving us practical lessons which help us alot..!!

I tried to control this inhumane preacher...

But couldn't control his primal features..

It gives us pain...and gives us sorrow..

and then makes up for it by making us happy tomorrow..

Its the most worthless yet the most important thing..

there is no living with it..or without this stupid thing..

I tried to understand it but lost everytime..

But never was i sad on being defeated by a fine line..!!

I understand now the most important fact..

Somethings are better left intact...

The more i try the more lost i become.....

But one thing is for sure..i love my Aortic Pump..!! :D

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