For sake of India’s future, boycott Republic TV!

Dear Opposition leaders of India,

As Republic TV, led by Arnab Gowsami and backed by well known right-wing supporters, launches today, you all need to make a very important decision for the sake of future of India: Boycott Republic TV! Don’t go on panel discussions, don’t do phono or give bytes. No exceptions. Absolutely none.

Why Boycott? We have seen this movie before and we know how it ends. Firstly, Arnab is an unabashedly right-wing ideologue and BJP supporter. But that is not the worst as quite few anchors in other channels are as well. What makes him worse is his inability or his arrogance to not listen to the differing opinions. It is painful to watch from his outright contempt for panelists with differing opinions to his over-the-top exuberance when his hand-selected “experts” parrot his favorite punchlines. It is not journalism, it is soap opera.

He starts every show by announcing the conclusion of topic, so all your arguments are in vain. Darn, you don’t even have to watch the show, his twitter hastags will forewarn you on what’s in store that day. He merely calls others to play their role of setting up the stage for a finale where he will step in and safe the day by slaying the bad guys, by simply shouting into the camera! Main issue is that it is a lousy show with loud characters and bad scripting. He is a megalomaniac who wants everyone has to agree to his version of truth or face his wrath. He reserves his special treatment for anyone who speaks against his leader Modi and has went to extent of cutting off the audio of his panelists in many shows.

So, opposition leaders: Be it Congress, TMC, JDU or BSP and SP, if you think you are missing out on placing counterpoints by not going to the show, you are mistaken. Counterviews doesn’t matter to him or his audience. They are watching only to see you getting clubbed by their favorite ringmaster. AAP has already boycotted Newshour and I believe they will continue the same with Republic TV.

So, save yourself the embarrassment and stop appearing on his show. One effective treatment against raging fire is to deprive it of oxygen. Prominent opposition leaders appearing on his show is the oxygen which keeps Arnab alive and his audience amused. Pull out, he will lose TRP and his authority. His show won't be the same without Sanjay Jhas of the opposition parties getting clubbed brutally. Yes, he will bring some unknown John or Jane Doe and grant them prominent titles(!) in opposition parties for few days but that will soon loose the edge. He will soon be requesting others to appear to save the show’s TRP and his skin. Then you can negotiate a proper process of conducting a show and ensure your views are aired properly. Be patient and wait until it happens and rest assured, it will. If you don’t do it today, you would have played a role in creating a monster which will be uncontrollable later.