My quest to English fluency (Introduction)

When my family moved to Canada, a lot of people told me I would be able to speak English fluently after living here for a few months.

Sadly, that was far from the truth.

Although I was living in Canada, I had little chance to talk to native speakers, and teachers also didn’t try to engage me in class because they knew I didn’t really understand, speak or write English.

After I went to school for a while, I was able to speak and understand everyday English. But, I still struggled to understand native English speakers when they spoke too quickly. I was also frustrated that I could only use simple, short sentences to carry out conversations. I felt I hit the plateau as my spoken English stopped improving.

I needed to find a way to break through the ugly status quo and get to the next level. So I started researching and trying out all kinds of things to make further progress. I had multiple English tutors, paid for pronunciation software, bought expensive English online courses, read a lot of books in English, completed English workbooks, mimicked native speakers, sang songs in English, watched a lot of TV, and the list goes on…

After dedicating more than 10 years working on my spoken English, I’ve developed a method that can help people continuously improve their listening, speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary.

This method involves watching an interesting TV show of your choice. You’ll use one short episode to…

  • Train your ears to hear unfamiliar sounds
  • Get used to speech patterns
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Increase your comprehension
  • Memorize new words and slangs effortlessly
  • Speak spontaneously

Using this method over time has definitely improved the confidence and the fluency I needed to thrive in Canada.

I’m excited to share my discovery with you as I believe it’ll help you as well.

Please stay tuned to find out what this method is all about!