Day by day.

As the earth does a revolution around the sun from this point 365 days ago I was at the lowest point in my life. No car. No job. A girlfriend who was sick at the sight of me. And was sent to exile by my own doing by a few of my closest friends. It was just me. Wallowing. The stillness. The mirror appeared in my life. Yet I never blamed anyone but myself. I did this. My turn was due. The fighting and the denial of what was going to happen went on too long. When it blew up in my face who was really surprised? Enough of all that tho. That was the past. The thing about the past is you can either run from it or learn from it. I was tired of running. Now I’ve achieved all of my goals for the year and then some. I’ve gotten a book published. Who woulda thought. So much success has come into my life after I’ve realized my truths and stopped trying to make everyone happy. I don’t owe anyone anything. I stopped caring. I let my proverbial hair down. How? I started taking things day by day. Constantly trying to be better than the day before. The longest journey won’t be conducted without the first couple of steps. I took a step a day. When it felt like I couldn’t I did. When I felt like I was reverting back I would read the venom I knew about myself. As a reminder of how things where and once you’ve lived in your personal Hell its nothing you want to go back to. Sometimes rock bottom has its purposes and i sure as hell learned mine.