Friends. Redefined.

The past year and a half I’ve learned what it means to be a friend and how valuable friendship is. I’ve betrayed a few with what I thought was good judgement. I’ve lost a few because I wasn’t honest. And I’ve even lost a few because I grew up. Now I don’t count on my hands and toes the total amount of friends I have. Nor do I even want to. Numbers are ambiguous when it comes to friends. Sorry Facebook. Ive learned that friends are understanding. Friends are relief. Friends are support. Friends are motivation. There are many types of friends. And different flavors of friendship. Each one I can call my friend all bring something different into my life. For which I’m very thankful for.

The dark side of that is that I’m a friendly introverted outgoing person. An anomaly to say the least. I don’t share much of what’s going on with me. I’d much rather be in the know of what people’s life stories are. How they came to be and how those situations have molded said person to what they are now. So fascinating to me. By doing so I’ve learned friendships in this day and age are built on sand. With the slightest change in the tide can wash away any progress. The first disagreement the first smart comment can shatter what was thought to be a companionship. Maybe it’s social media maybe it’s lack of patience but it’s something I’ve gotten to notice. Which just makes me appreciate the friends I have. And I love them dearly.